Alison or Die Trying (bulldogmafia) wrote in tkep,
Alison or Die Trying

June 10: Cake Day. This year: TKEP Style.

TKEP + Cake. What's not to love.

If you have any baking prowess whatsoever, and want to commemorate the recent end of the project, here is just the contest for you:

1. Simply bake a TKEP-themed cake, and post the photos of it here.

2. The photos of your cake (and hopefully of you eating it or smashing it into someone else's face) will be judged by a panel of allegedly impartial non-participants.

3. Can't get the #1 spot in any of the gasgames? Top the Cake List instead. It is a lot more delicious too.

The deadline to submit your entries is 11:59PM (TKEP Time) on June 10, 2007. Please submit your entries by replying to this post. That way everyone who doesn't want to see delicious TKEP cakes won't hate us.

Judging Panel Trifecta: kynon luketherunnerand eclipsearikado
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