Alison or Die Trying (bulldogmafia) wrote in tkep,
Alison or Die Trying

Attention! Upcoming Online TKEP Event.

Hello good people from the KEP.

Are you looking for a community gathering where you can indulge in great intellectual conversation with a sampling of your peers, without fear of recrimination, mockery, or ridicule?

Then... go somewhere else!

But if you want to indulge in some good clean scat humor*, nostalgia about cow races, irritating the hell out of the admins, and general discussion about deviant sexual practices then boy do I have the event for you:

Leap Year Caps Lock Friday TKEP Reunion:
February 29 at 11:59 GMT

6:59 EST
3:59 PST

Come join in the fun! Reunite with old friends and see what the hell everyone has been doing since the extinction. Receive great stickers, cupcakes and door prizes.**

Pants optional. I'll bring some stories and a smile, you bring your best snarky, sarcastic attitudes and noob-hunting gear and we will have one sweet time.

Be there or be [ ].

Warm regards,

* Yes I noticed the irony in calling scat humor "good clean."

** Metaphorically speaking.
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