Jimmy (smashboredom) wrote in tkep,


Hello, incase you're unaware, I am the latest manifestation of Indie.

I suggest and demand that some of you get thy arses over to this journal entry made by the lovely AG, for she has made a generous offer that hasn't been taken up. It's friends only, but if there is interest from any of you not on her list, perhaps we can get her to unlock it or repost it (here maybe).

For a couple of days you can ask her whatever you want. She is feeling particularly open at the moment. That is basically it. In a few days she will be going offline to do her final studying for the Bar exam, so take the chance while it is there.

If there is nothing burning you want to ask then perhaps you have something simple or silly you want to ask, about tea or dinosaurs or films.

Failing that (or in addition to that) she has mumbled about wanting South-Park style low-brow jokes. I do not believe your collective supply of such humour has been exhausted, so goddamn dig them out.

I'm done being Indie now.
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